At the Worlds in Spain just a few weeks ago the IFDCO was not able to give the Tullio Pizzorno Trophy to the winners Guzman Egea Aguado and his crew Jerry Vinkensteyn.
Of course we felt very sorry for this. We tried to find out where the trophy is right now but nobody present had a clew.
Doing more research in order to locate the trophy we found out that the trophy was presented to Finn Bismark and his father at the Worlds in New Zealand in 2019. As they foresaw that returning the trophy to Europe for the next Worlds could be difficult they just made a series of photos and put the trophy back into the container. In which container they put the trophy so for Germany, Hungary or the Netherlands they cannot remember of course.
So we kindly ask if anybody has any information on where the trophy is right now? Could you please let us know so we can still present the trophy to the winners?
Kind regards
Peter van Koppen

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