At the AGCM in Sydney the IFDCO General Committee resolved to conduct a vote of all current IFDCO members on the following question during 2015 (prior to the next General Committee meeting in Croatia). The question is:

“Should the International Flying Dutchman Class consider any increase in the spinnaker size?”

Note: If the question is answered NO, the IFDCO proposes that there be no change in the current spinnaker rule for at least 5 years. If the answer is YES, then there will be a further period of evaluation and consideration of possible change. No particular change of the spinnaker rule will occur prior to the 2016 world championships. No specific spinnaker rule or size proposal is being suggested, the votes is simply to consider whether any change should be considered further.

All current IFDCO members may vote on the above question through their national secretary (or by sending an email to the international secretary, if their country of residence does not have a national secretary) or by voting at the Competitors Meeting at the 2015 Europeans in Croatia. All votes submitted via a national secretary (or with the international secretary) must be accompanied by proof that the person is a current IFDCO member. Only votes submitted prior to 10 September 2015 will be valid.

Upon the collection of all votes the IFDCO General Committee will at the 2015 General Committee Meeting determine what change or further consideration (if any) is required regarding the rule/s governing the size/design of the spinnaker. All votes and representations received from IFDCO Members will be taken into consideration, but the IFDCO General Committee will make its final decision based on the bests interests of the class.

I request that each national secretary and national association arrange a vote of your current members. Please insure that only current IFDCO members vote. I request that all votes fore and against be advised to me prior to the Europeans in September. The date and arrangements for voting within each of your countries is a matter for that country to determine. The only requirement is that only current IFDCO members vote, that the national secretaries collect the votes and advise the IFDCO General Secretary of the results (i.e. the votes for and against the above question) prior to the Europeans. Please let me know if you have any queries.

Edward Cox
General Secretary IFDCO

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