Dear National Secretaries,

On behalf of the IFDCO General Committee I am wiring to advise that sponsored (i.e. free shipping to and from Sydney from Europe) is being offered to suitable youth teams to compete at the Upcoming Sydney Worlds in January 2015.  By youth we have in mind under 30 (approximately) and otherwise unable to afford to attend.   In essence these are the spare spots in existing containers bound for Sydney. On behalf of the Sydney organisers of the Worlds I can offer such youth teams free billet accommodation in Sydney with local sailors (again free accommodation).  So just need to pay entry, flight, food and maybe some beer in Sydney. This is part of an initiative to encourage more youth participation and build the FD fleet for the future. Could you please advise any suitable youth teams and have them contact me and Jan Lechler with their interest urgently.  This request is to be made in the next 7 days as the arrangement for the container must be finalised urgently.  Space is limited, so they must contact Jan and I to make the arrangements.  If many teams apply we will make  determination on who is in the greatest need.


 Edward Cox


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