On the 29th of September we published the fact that we needed nominations before the end of September.  To maximise the opportunities for all members to nominate for vacant positions and to encourage representations from all the main FD countries the IFDCO General Committee decided to extend the period for nominations up to the end of October 2014.

At present the IFDCO General Secretary has received nominations for each vacant position, including Ronald Stalman and Tony Lyall for President; Peter Van Koppen for Treasurer and Mark Strittmatter for VP Communications.

In accordance with the Bye-Law procedure published previously there will be a vote for each position at the competitors forum in Sydney, and it is possible for IFDCO members who cannot attend to send a proxy (verified by their national secretary) with someone attending the Sydney worlds. For further details click here for the link to the earlier post on how to proceed for a valid nomination and the voting procedure.

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