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Thermik Cup 2018 Germany, Austria, Italy! 0 (0)

The 2018 Thermik Cup will start on the first weekend in August at the beautiful  Tegernsee in Bavaria with the traditional Silber FD. Here´s the link to enter.
On August 17th till 19th the second stop will be the EURO CUP Achensee in Tyrolia with Austrian Championship. Enter here.  And finally the Thermik Cup 2018 becomes truly international finishing with the EURO CUP Marina Preis at Lake Garda on August 23rd till 25th.

There is definitely no better way to cross the Alps from North to South!


FD Worlds – Medemblik 0 (0)

Congratulations to Jorgen and Jacob Bojsen-Møller to become FD World Champions 2019 with a perfect series of 7 points after 9 races with 2 discards! See the finals results on

Many thanks to the entire organization team for hosting these great FD Worlds. And special thanks to Sjors Riemslag and Casper Schaaf for their daily reports and interviews on facebook and Great job!

If you want to see photos of the entire FD Worlds go to


IFDCO VP Communications

FD WORLDS Medemblik 0 (0)

The first day of racing is finished! Follow the FD WORLDS on We have great summer sailing conditions: A great club , hot weather, warm water and a sun burn in the face.


Czech Championship EuroCup -Final! 0 (0)

Here are NoR and the entry link to the final the 2018 EuroCup in Nechranize Czech Republic.

Austrian Championship / Eurocup 17.-19. August 0 (0)

Achensee / Tyrolia …Save the date and enter here

Definitely one of my favorite regattas!