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Crew for Campione available 5 (2)

One of the best American FD sailors, Razvan Adam, will join us in Campione. His helm is not able to start in Campione so Adam is available!
Razvan will arrive on 3rd of September in Campione. He just won the North American Championships with his Brother Ovidiu Adam, while they were second in March at the Nationals!
Please get in touch with Razvan in case you need a crew (

Mobile home places in Campione available 0 (0)

Dear FD Sailors,

Campione Univela informed us that there will be additional space for mobile homes for 20€/night. Every boat that hasn‘t registered yet because of a missing parking for mobile homes can now register for the early bird entry fee of 450€.


IFDCO wants to inform all contestants of the Worlds in Campione that the Notice of Race (NoR) has been altered.The subjects that have been altered are mainly the number of races and the the starting times.
The original NoR was published prematurely and not in compliance with the latest Flying Dutchman Rules.
It took some time to find out if we had the right to do so.
We consulted World Sailing about this matter and they informed us that changes in the NoR are allowed except for the already published
dates of racing and the time limit for the final race.
World Sailing also informed us that the Worlds have to be sailed under the latest Class Rules.
For this reason we also had to change the NoR.
So we kindly ask you to take notice of the alteration of the NoR.
Kind regards
Peter van koppen
President IFDCO