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General Secretary news 0 (0)

The webmaster received a notification regarding the officers change in 2013. Here’s the General Secretary post.

New Officers

2013 FD-CLASS RULES 0 (0)

Since 1 March the 2013 FD-CLASS RULES are posted on the ISAF website. Unnecessary to tell you all that they replace the old once.

NOTE: The webmaster tried to visit the ISAF-website and look up the new class-rules without success. So therefore this post with the link. If the link works fine I’ll shall put it into place at the right spot on the IFDCO-website.

Open Dutch info 0 (0)

The open Dutch is set for 6, 7 & 8th of September venue is Aquavitesse Bruinisse . Last weekend at Steinhude several teams asked where they could stay during this event. 8 German teams are planning to make the trip. Together with a handful of English, Austrians and Italians there should be at least 25 entries. Entries through the Hollandia website and here’s the info  Open Dutch places to stay .

Worlds pre-entry deadline nearing 0 (0)

Dear Friends and Flying Dutchman Sailors,

The Deadline without an additional Fee for the World Championship 2013 ends at 18.4.2013. The Spartacus Sailing Club will host a great event for all the International Flying Dutchman Sailors at Lake Balaton.

61 Boats at the entry list at this moment; that’s a good number for the IFDCO and the organizing crew at Lake Balaton. But I guess, we can top this number! So please, make your entry today to be there and to be a part of these great Event in Hungary.

See you at Lake Balaton, Jan Lechler VP Championship IFDCO