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Frank Nooijen sent an email about insurance coverage for the European-container shipment. The insurance company offered us a € 4,-/ per € 1.000,- fee. So if the net-worth of your ATA shows € 30.000 the insurance fee will be € 120,-. Please look up your insurance-policy regarding container-transportation consequences. Most of our boat insurances don’t cover container shipment. Inform Frank Nooijen if you need to add the insurance to your transportation charge.


The Berlin-containers arrived in Oss. The Italian container will be filled up in Milan today. On the 11the of August the Dutch will stuff their containers in Oss. At this very moment 4 containers will be shipped from Europe. But … the ROU-7 is on the entry list but didn’t contact us by now how to arrange the shipment. ROU-7 please contact us before the 3th of August. If this contact isn’t established by then you will not be transported, because you will be the only boat in a 6 boat-container (sorry for that).

Worlds 2014 0 (0)

The date for the 2014 Worlds at Largs Scotland is set. 27th June to 5th of July. More news to come …

ICC 2013/14 0 (0)

In the Christmas Holiday period between 21st of December 2013 and 4th of January 2014 the International Caribbean Championship will be sailed. Venue will be the fantastic Island of Bonaire. Our host Rob Taal (AHO 3) will organize the championship assisted by the hosting club, Henri Koning (AHO 3) and Ronald Stalman (NED 18). By now 8 Dutch teams, 2 Austrian teams and 5 German teams have accepted this opportunity by being present. More details to come ….

IDM 2013 0 (0)

The IDM 2012 finished yesterday. During this event the IDM 2013 dates have been announced. Further details in the event section of the IFDCO-website.