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Dutch and German promo boats on Facebook 0 (0)

Both the Dutch and Germans have chosen teams to sail their promo boats this year. Mark them as friends and follow them on Facebook.

Latest Altea info 0 (0)

Opening ceremony on 19:00 hours, 31 March at the palace of arts. Check the website here.

The website of the race will be Participants dinner on April 3rd 21:00 hours Altea Yacht Club restaurant. Marina Blanco will be responsible of communication. Look on Facebook.

NEW Russian website 0 (0)

Yesterday we received an email from Boris Novoderezhkin. New Russian Flying Dutchman website now online. Congratulations with your achievement Boris.

ALTEA sailing instruction now on-line available 0 (0)

The (draft) sailing instructions for Altea are now available. Go to the event section to look into them. The NOR stays available because subscribing without fee-penalty is still possible. 

Promotional oldie 0 (0)

Viewing and reading archive files I spotted this one.

IFDCO promo flyer