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Did you ever asked yourself the question how heigh your Jib can be hoisted? It all depends on if it is a single or double hoist. Our v-p technical reviewed and interpreted rule 38.

158 Flying Dutchman Rule 38 interpretation

2012 the year of JB 0 (0)

We’ve just found out that our, Flying Dutchman, chief measurer John Best will be mister BIG at the Vintage Yachting Games.

Class rule 29 0 (0)

Peter Hinrichsen and Durk Zandstra have studied class rule 29. They are proposing a small change. Here’s their posting on this issue.

158 Flying Dutchman Keel line and stem

Rule 38; reviewed 0 (0)

Our VP-technical, Peter Hinrichsen, sent an email for publication purposes. This publication was spoken of at the Worlds 2010. Our technical board finalized it today. Here is the posting.

FD Rule 38 Interpretation, Jan 2012