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Czech Championship – new date

Due to no wind in Nachranice this weekend, there will be a new date for the Czech Championship: the replacement will be held from 28 to 29 September at YachtClub Dyje Břeclav. at address 23. dubna 2, 692 01 Pavlov,GPS coordinates 48.878791, 16.677107.
The FD race is part of “Burcakova regatta”, meaning “fresh wine regatta” as it is held in South Moravia wine region at time of wine production. There practically everybody has a wine cellar at their house. 🙂


President´s Election Result

Dear Executive Committee of the IFDCO, Dear Administrative Officers, Dear FD-Sailors,

the vote for our next IFDCO president is finished. First of all I thank both candidates for their willingness to become president of the IFDCO. Within the last month real election campaigns were going on. Even after the deadline of 31st of August I’m still receiving votes. Thanks for everybody’s involvement. 
All votes were registered in an excel file, counted and validated. I got member-list from the all nations to double check if the members who voted are valid members. Peter send me the list of payments of the nations. Based on our Byelaws “2.5.3 Only fully paid up members on 1st April shall be eligible to vote in IFDCO elections held that calendar year.“ the results are as follows: 

  • In total we have 551 members who paid their fees till end of August. 447 of them paid before 1st of April this year (81 %).
  • We received 240 votes from 21 nations. 
  • 173 votes out of 240 are valid votes (paid up members). 
  • The following 6 nations had valid votes: GER, ITA, NED, ESP, NZL, AUS
  • The final result: 74 votes for Eric, 99 votes for Peter. 

Congratulations to Peter for this result and I hope you will accept your election at the AGCM in September at our European Championship. 

Thanks to all of you for making this vote happen.
Best regards

Meike Greten IFDCO General Secretary


Registration is still open for Czech Championship in NechraniCe next weekend. Register now and here.

Watch for traffic news if your are going to Nechranice from North or West. Some roads may be closed said Kamil …


Youth Grant Deadline

A special reminder for our young sailors (under 25): Please send your Youth Grant application form to Peter van Koppen until Sunday 01.09.2019!
For those of you who have missed out on the Youth Grant here are all informations:

Marina Preis Torbole